About Blenda Tyvoll

Hi there! I hope you enjoy my website, little slice of the web where I sell my artwork and keep a blog about my work as a fulltime painting artist and life our farm...things that inspire living a creative life.
My hope is you will enjoy the site and come back often. I truly delight in reading each one of your comments and encourage you to do so. 

And A Little More

I grew up traveling the world with my family. Dad was a builder and inventor whose work took us to a far away place called Madagascar, on the other side of the globe from our home in Oregon. Those early childhood influences of brilliant color and sharp contrasts have stayed with me through the years and will often show up in my paintings.
Today, my husband, Joe and I live on a small Christmas tree farm and grow cut flowers in our backyard, in the rural countryside near Portland, Oregon. Understandably, I am surrounded by artistic inspiration right outside my studio.
We adore our dog, Georgie who my Mom says acts like a kid wearing a doggie suit and Quincy, the mischievous Siamese cat. They both keep us smiling with their joy of living life to the fullest.

After earning a BA in art and interior design from Marylhurst University, I have since realized my dream of becoming a successful artist, selling original paintings and prints through my own website, galleries and art exhibitions.

The way I see it, as a writer must have endless words floating around in their brain and a composer has endless melodies running through theirs, my artist's mind is full of images. Painting allows me to express and share those imaginative thoughts on a canvas--my version of a novel or a song.

Why Create?

 On most days painting can be an easy, effortless and very satisfying way to pass the time. My favorite way to paint is to scrape, add layers, glaze and stamp my surfaces in order to achieve a unique texture of paint and color. And there are even those magical times when all I can do is hold on to the brush as it seemingly paints the canvas on it's own.  But then there are those days when nothing goes right, no matter how hard I try, everything turns to a muddy disorganized mess. But just when I have sworn to give it all up, suddenly the magic happens again and I step away from the canvas and wonder, "How did this creation come about?" A unique perspective that only my mind can conceive. That's when I realize it's worth the struggle and am content once again to continue living a creative life. But do you know what the very part of all is? It's sharing my work with you the viewer. Thank you always, for being there.


 Drop me an email if you have an questions or comments Emails welcome!

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