San Diego Vacation

san diego from the air

San Diego here we come!

A nice view of Balboa Park as we come in on the final approach. You can see the Museum of Man tower right under the plane's wing.

san diego

San Diego is always sunny and warm, right? Look what happened when we came to town for a little vacation. It rained, it poured and it even hailed! But cradled in the warm home of our family we hardly even noticed the weather outside.

oranges blendastudio

What I love about southern California....luscious sweet scented citrus fruit right outside your door just begging to be eaten!


Desert plants...look at that lovely soft velvety green.

Mount Woodson

Some of us hiked to the top of Mt Woodson to see the view and to climb onto a sliver of a rock dangling over the side of the mount. It's called Potato Chip Rock and there is almost always a line of hikers waiting their turn to venture out on to the edge for an Instagram moment.

potato chip rock

Just as we got to the peak the clouds turned dark and the wind blew. I chickened out a few times fearing a big gust of wind would blow over and crash into the rocks below. Finally got up my nerve and crawled out then slowly sat there not believing I was actually doing this crazy thing. It was at least a 50 foot down to the trees and rocks and perched  2500 feet up the mountain. I have to tell you though it was a satisfying feeling when I was back on the ground to have conquered my fear of heights.

potato chip rock

Then my brother in law, Craig showed me how it's really really done! Here are more photos of people doing all kinds of crazy things on that rock!

Mt Woodson CA Blendastudio

The whole mountain is peppered with huge rock boulders like these.


Yummy, yummy, I could eat you!

balboa park san diego blendastudio

Me and my DH and BFF (Your love makes everything alright.)

PDX Airport

We landed back in Portland after a five day stay just as the sun was setting.

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