A Peek Inside My Daily Sketchbook

Earlier, last October, I wrote a blog post about how I had started a daily sketchbook for 100 days in a row in hopes it might turn into a daily ritual and have now continued on past the 200 day mark. Here is a peek at some of the illustrations and drawings from the 100 Day Project. When you get into the habit of routinely doing a task for 100 days in a row, it's amazing how easy it becomes. It becomes second nature.  But on the other hand there are days when it's not so easy to follow through with the plan. Those are the times when you just have to push yourself to just do it! And in the process you grow...

For a limited time a select few of the best sketches are available in my Etsy Shop as signed 8X10 prints on high quality rag paper. You will be amazed at how nice they look!. These little illustration sketch prints would be such fun hostess or housewarming gifts to give, don't you think?

Print Available in  Etsy Shop

Print Available in Etsy Shop

On side of the "Leaf Study" sketch available  here

On side of the "Leaf Study" sketch available here

Sunshine Sketch

Sunshine Sketch

Within 24 hours of placing your print order, my assistant, Erica, professionally prints your print on quality thick rag paper, then carefully checks to make sure it looks amazing and is shipped with care, so that your new art arrives safely to your door. Plus, I sign each and every print that we make here in our studio. Here's a blog post for more info on how we make prints