Cut Flower Back Yard Garden Farm or What To Do In Your Spare Time

Part 2 Cut Flower Garden

Early this spring Erica planted a cut flower garden in the back yard of the studio. She let me join in on the fun of gardening.  All summer long it bloomed the most beautiful flowers we had ever imagined....the time and energy spent growing them made them all the more beautiful in our eyes.

Now that fall is here and the flowers have faded back into the ground I'm a little sad and it makes me think back on our summer crop and all it's glory. A little look back on how the garden got started:


This is how the yard looked before the grassy path lined with flowerbeds was made.

Please note, we both agreed that having a perfect weed and bug free garden wasn't going to happen, so we didn't mind nature's imperfections here and there. Quite often volunteer flowers seedlings sprouted in all the wrong places, but we didn't have the heart to rip them out. Maybe next year we'll change our mind but for now.....


The grassy path and flower beds all laid out ready for planting.


We made a little hoop house of plastic tubing and plastic sheeting from the hardware store. The seedlings loved it and grew fast.


Then the flowers grew...


And grew some more. It was the most beautiful sight right in our own back yard. We even hosted an outdoor painting workshop lead by Susan Spears.


Spring blooms of peonies and calla lilies.


More flowers from the garden, zinnias and pink yarrow.


Fresh cut yarrow and sweet william of various shades. Beauty amongst the imperfections.

Prints For Charity - The People Whose Lives Were Ravaged By Hurricane Sandy

 We are still going for our goal of $500 for charity. It will take a long while for many of the victims of Hurricane Sandy to rebuild their homes and their lives. Every little bit helps. So far our total donation is $160.