What You Absolutely Can't Miss - Charity Auction For Animals

Here's a fun way to help support a very worthy cause. With your help we can make a difference in the lives animals in need.  I've listed a painting on Ebay at the unheard of beginning bid price of 99 cents! 10% of the total sale will go to The Humane Society.

Flower Painting 6X6 Acrylic on Canvas Original Value $95 by Blenda Tyvoll

Flower Painting 6X6 Acrylic on Canvas Original Value $95 by Blenda Tyvoll

This little gem originally sells for $95. It's your chance to own a piece of original art plus help a great cause that any pet owner would be proud to support. The way I see it is every dollar counts. This is my first art auction in many years and I plan to do more of these if it's something you are interested in. So if it's successful look for even more artwork to be auctioned for charity. My plan is to raise at least $2000 this year to donate to the Humane Society. Can you help me meet this goal? Thank you... This is a no reserve auction beginning at 99 cents!!! Hurry Ends Friday April 28th! Click below for the auction. Happy bidding!

Update: Sold to a collector from John Day, OR April 2017

Why Painting Nest Art Makes Perfect Sense

A Personal Story About Loss and Renewal

Last year, as Spring was turning to Summer, I lost my beautiful old horse, Reyo. Then later in the year, right before the first Autumn frost, his best buddy and my pretty boy, Cisco also passed away. My beloved horses---all are gone now. They had been such a big part of my life, since the day I got my first horse at the age of 13. Cisco and Reyo had been part of our family for over 27 years. And before that I had owned both their mothers. In fact horses and I have had a long relationship of at least 48 years. So when the last two died, it left a great big whole in my heart and life had suddenly changed for me. No more getting up early to feed and brush them. No soft whinnies as I entered the barn. Now I don’t end up with muddy boots from mucking out the stalls everyday.

I miss stroking the soft delicate skin on their muzzles. I miss burying my nose in their silky manes to breathe in that special wonderful smell only a horse can have. Sometimes when I wake during the night I find myself still listening for the soft blowing sound they made through their nostrils as they grazed in the pasture right outside my open window. Now there is only the stillness of the night.

Cisco and me

Cisco and me

Soon after they were gone, I had been working on a big abstract piece when I picked up some drippy wet black paint and began making big circle shapes of thin lines round and round on the canvas. A nest appeared and then two blue eggs inside. “Hum, interesting, but where did this come from?” I thought. Then more nests appeared in my art until now I’ve painted four paintings.

nest painting

Here's Why Painting Nest Art Makes Such Perfect Sense

I didn’t give it much thought until lately when a collector asked, “Why the bird’s nests? This is a new subject for you.” I couldn’t really explain why.  But then this morning when I awoke it was like one of those "aha" moments. To me a bird’s nest symbolizes rebirth and renewal of life. Life goes on. There is the sadness of loss, but life renews it’s self. The round circle shape of the nest symbolizes the circle of life. 

In Spring time the earth is reborn. Fruit trees blossom and the grass turns from drab brown to vibrant green. Birds sing their morning song and are eager for a new day. Soon they will be gathering twigs and moss for a nest to raise their young. Life starts all over again.

These simple nest paintings represent letting go of the past and realizing all we really have is today and to live each day to the fullest. They stand for accepting changes as they occur and that we are all part of the unbroken circle of life.

Below you can see the latest paintings in the 2017 Spring Collection. Art can often send a powerful message. Maybe you will find a painting here that speaks to you in a positive and encouraging way. Click on the image for all the details:





You Are Invited Current's Gallery Reception McMinnville

If you haven't visited the sweet little historic town of McMinnville, Oregon, now's your chance go for a drive and check it out. I've been invited to have a month long show at Current's Gallery, located in right in historic section. It's about a 45 minute drive southwest of Portland into Oregon's famous wine country region.

Historic McMinnville, OR Chosen as One of Parade Magazine's Best Main Streets in America.

Historic McMinnville, OR Chosen as One of Parade Magazine's Best Main Streets in America.

Current's Gallery is at 532 NE Third St, McMinnville, OR 97128. The opening reception is held in conjunction with the 3rd Saturday Art and Wine Walk.  Please stop by to say hi. I'll be there Saturday March 18, 2017 from 5-8 for the opening.

One of from the nest series that will be at the show.

One of from the nest series that will be at the show.

Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Give

We want to help you with your last minute shopping list. From now until Christmas we'll be processing your orders daily. Plus everything will be shipped 2-3 day PRIORITY MAIL (US only)

Check out The Shop and Originals Sections and see if there something right for you. Then don't delay click to order and we'll do our very best (sorry no guarantees) to get your package there in time for the big day. Order by Tuesday, Dec 20th or before for best results.

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Visit My Portland Area Open Studio October 7, 8, 9th

We are sprucing up the art studio in preparation our annual October Open Studio Event this weekend. My studio will be open to the public for the whole weekend from 10-5PM daily. The doors will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 7, 8, 9, 2016. (We're studio is #9) Link to a map  

I've been creating up a storm working on all sorts of fun happy art just for you! Visit my studio where you will see new original artwork, prints, cards and more. Plenty of fun paintings and prints to help you decorate your walls into a beautiful art filled living space. Just the way you like it with artwork by Blenda.

Also visiting artists Erica Hanson, and Krista Cary bring their unique artistic style of work to share with you.

Stock up on gifts for your holiday shopping list. You'll find one of a kind original art, paintings, greeting cards and note cards, coffee mugs, calendars and other gift items all designed and/or created here in our studio :)

Me painting in the garden behind the studio.

Me painting in the garden behind the studio.

Open Studio

Open Studio

Stop by have a look around and introduce yourself...

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Handcrafted Holidays is Better Than Homemade

The Inspiration Place Handcrafted Holidays Registration is now open and it's better than homemade!

Head on over to Miriam Schulman's blog and watch the video for all the details on how to sign up. Or go directly to The Inspiration Place and sign up there.

Hope to see you in class where I'll be one of 11 teachers who will be showing you how to make unique and creative handcrafted gifts and ornaments for the holidays.

2017 Tree of Life Wall Art Calendar

The long awaited Limited Edition 2017 Blenda Studio Tree of Life Wall Calendar is finally here!
Just think how much fun you will have flipping the pages each month to reveal a new tree painting for a whole year.

2017 Art Calendar

Only 250 calendars available, so once they are gone, they are gone. Stock up for holiday gift giving now.

2017 blenda studio calendar

A different tree painting for each month of the year.

12 month calendar
2017 tree of life calendar

Receive a 10% discount when you order 2 or more at a time. Use discount code at checkout: CALENDARS2017 and save! Stock up for holiday gift giving!

Top 20 Ways To Increase Your Etsy Sales

Artist Miriam Schulman, who is such an amazing painter, art entrepreneur and a good friend of mine, just posted an interview video on her blog. It features the two of us giving away our best tips for increasing your sales on Etsy! Check the free downloadable list to see if you are following these 20 best Etsy practices.

In the video, you can watch it right here, we discuss our best Etsy selling tips that anyone could use, whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your sales. Watch the interview and then put our combined learning experience and best practices to work for you!

How To Set Up Shop Online

Hey fellow creatives! Have you ever wondered how to go about making an online presence with your artwork? Which Social Media platforms are the most effective at getting noticed and how to set up shop on Etsy? Is selling prints of your artwork right for you?

'm so happy to able to share my knowledge with you in a brand new one on one consultation workshop where via Skype we sit down together for a full hour and find answers to your questions about marketing online. And I can't wait to help you get started!

Here is the listing for you to reserve your space in class. We're offering an introductory price right now. Click the link for all the details:

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Think Handcrafted For The Holidays

In our “Buy Now” culture where we can get manufactured gifts delivered in two days from Amazon with a simple click of a mouse, giving and getting a handmade gift has become a rare phenomenon.

As one of the teachers in the Handcrafted Holidays course, I'll teach you (in a video) how to make this really cute star ornament that folds into a little book.

As one of the teachers in the Handcrafted Holidays course, I'll teach you (in a video) how to make this really cute star ornament that folds into a little book.

That’s why when I receive a handmade gift it is incredibly meaningful. 

I always prefer handmade gifts over store bought which is why I am thrilled to be co-teaching a class called Handcrafted Holidays this fall... get a sneak peek of what's in store over on Miriam Schulman's blog who is organizing the course.

Sign up for the class begins in September, but in the meantime you can enter to win this class for free just by taking this quick survey:



A Peek Inside My Daily Sketchbook

Earlier, last October, I wrote a blog post about how I had started a daily sketchbook for 100 days in a row in hopes it might turn into a daily ritual and have now continued on past the 200 day mark. Here is a peek at some of the illustrations and drawings from the 100 Day Project. When you get into the habit of routinely doing a task for 100 days in a row, it's amazing how easy it becomes. It becomes second nature.  But on the other hand there are days when it's not so easy to follow through with the plan. Those are the times when you just have to push yourself to just do it! And in the process you grow...

For a limited time a select few of the best sketches are available in my Etsy Shop as signed 8X10 prints on high quality rag paper. You will be amazed at how nice they look!. These little illustration sketch prints would be such fun hostess or housewarming gifts to give, don't you think?

Print Available in Etsy Shop

Print Available in Etsy Shop

On side of the "Leaf Study" sketch available here

On side of the "Leaf Study" sketch available here

Sunshine Sketch

Sunshine Sketch

Within 24 hours of placing your print order, my assistant, Erica, professionally prints your print on quality thick rag paper, then carefully checks to make sure it looks amazing and is shipped with care, so that your new art arrives safely to your door. Plus, I sign each and every print that we make here in our studio. Here's a blog post for more info on how we make prints

Downloadable Art Prints Now Available

Downloadable art prints have just arrived in the Blenda Studio Etsy Shop! You are going to love how quick and easy it is order an art print! All you do is download the file and print on any printer. For a more professional look, you can also take the file to a print shop.

But if you would rather have your print personally printed in my studio by my knowledgeable assistant, signed by me and shipped right to your doorstep, that option is also available. Just follow the link to the Etsy Shop and have a look around.

The photo images shown here are of the actual sketchbook. We've made scans of each image in high res, sized them to fit exactly into an 8X10" mat and/or frame to make it super easy for you to frame then hang on your wall. Just imagine how wonderful you will feel with new art on the walls!

Choose from over 16 different sketchbook images, which will be listed for a limited time only, so don't delay in making your downloadable print purchase today!