Lazy Summer Days on the Farm

Hoorah! Summer is finally here for good! The other day we all took a walk down to the creek.


We walked through a sunny field of wild daisies. 


Picked them to make daisy flower chain halos for our hair. 


Followed the path down to the woods where the air has a fresh, cool earthy scent that I wish I could bottle up to take home with me. 


We walked past pretty clusters of fancy foxgloves along the trail at the forest's edge. 


Then into the woods where lush ferns grow best under tall fir trees.


Sat on the log bridge dangling our feet over the creek below.


Picked up a water dog, petted his shiny back, starred into his eyes, then set him back down by the edge of the pond to watch him swim away.

Do have a very Happy 4th of July celebration!  Enjoy your summer. How are you spending yours? Any holidays away from home planned?