New Work Simplified Abstract Painting

Here is the latest new work from my current series, exploring the true meaning of a statement I've often heard my mother say to me during those awkward growing up years, "I just want you to be happy."  What does happiness mean? How would you paint it? What would it look like if you could see happiness? Can you be truly be happy without ever experiencing sadness in your life?

Detail of abstract painting titled Simplified by Blenda Tyvoll

You remember the K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple) method?  This works for me. I feel the happiest when I don't make life into a complicated mess of too much to do and too many distractions. Happiness is uncluttering a closet or the junk drawer. 

Do you ever doodle? Try doodling flowers and circles.... ahhhh happiness. How about you? What small little things makes you happy?

Mixed media abstract painting titled Simplified by Blenda Tyvoll

Mixed media abstract painting titled Simplified by Blenda Tyvoll

Here is an in progress photo. For some reason I always end up working on the floor. It just feels right, I guess. The mixed media piece measures 16X20" on stretched canvas. I collaged the word Simplified from a vintage 1970s magazine along with bits of real vintage 1940s wallpaper then painted design shapes using watermedia pens and acrylic paint.

Display option Simplified by Blenda Tyvoll

The finished art hanging in my dining room. For more information and to purchase, head on over to the shop section: Original Paintings. See you soon.....xox

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