New Flower Paintings Coming Soon!

Can't wait to show you the latest collection of flower paintings I've been creating for you. Am adding the finishing touches now and will be listed in the shop on April 8th. Here's a little preview of a few of the finished pieces:

These are both 11X14" acrylic on canvas ...still thinking of a name. If you can think of one or two, please let me know.

"Flowers for Spring" 16X20" acrylic on canvas by Blenda Tyvoll

Here's a quick 15 second video to watch as I add the finishing touches to this mixed media flower painting.

"Paris is Always a Good Idea" 12X12" Mixed Media by Blenda Tyvoll

I'll be sending out a newsletter on April 8th to remind everyone about when the listings are live. Sign up now so you can have first pick!