Fall Is In The Air

Woke up at 6 am after a restful night's sleep, just as the sun came up. As I awoke, I felt a cool fresh breeze through the open window beside my bed. I don't know how to describe it as perfectly as it feels, it but in late August the morning air seems to go from dry, spaciousness to a dense coolness, as the earth begins it's slow steady shift away from the sun towards winter. And it's as if someone has covered a photo filter over the sun.

My morning routine

First thing before anything else, I write morning pages, at least 3 pages, in my journal. Then a little 15 minute yoga routine using a big exercise ball. It's so relaxing, strengthens my core and stretches all the muscles and ligaments. Also, try to meditate at least for 5 minutes, depending on my mood.

I head downstairs for a breakfast of oatmeal with brown sugar, milk, blueberries and a cup of coffee, I check emails and make a list for the day. After a few quick sketches in my sketchbook Georgie and I head out the door to meet up for a walk with my brother. We walk rain or shine for a mile and a half. Then I grab another cup of coffee and it's off to the studio to paint until noon.

Afternoons In The Studio

Afternoons are for painting or on the days my office assistant, Laura is here we work on the website, social media and business related tasks. I'm so fortunate to have another assistant, Erica who helps me handle printing, packaging, mailing and framing of artwork. Without their help it would be very difficult to carve out the time to work on creating new artwork. So thank you you two!

Giant sunflower in our garden

Giant sunflower in our garden

Earlier this spring I planted a big patch of sunflowers outside the studio window. Some of them are so heavy with seeds right now that they are bending over towards the ground. The birds will be happy!