Ways To Embrace Our New Older Selves

Oprah and I have something in common. We both share the same birth year. Wish I could say I never worry about growing older, but when I hit 60 it was a bit of a challenge to wrap my head around the whole idea of growing old and wrinkly. Maybe it’s tougher for us because in our society we are surrounded by a steady stream of a youth obsessed culture. Oh and then what kind of message are celebrities my age sending out into the world? Many of them go to such extreme measures to turn back the clock 30 or 40 years, instead of embracing who they have become. Older is a different beauty than youthful beauty, but still all good.

It is possible to have a happy life and truly embrace the new older version of you. There are things we can do to feel good about who we are at any age.


Here are some helpful tips I try to follow everyday.

Be aware of harmful negative self talk. Things like, "You're too old" "You look tired" "Just give up...don't bother trying." "You're invisible, no one cares what you do."  Think about why you feel this way. Remember we live in a society aimed at youthful beauty, smooth skin, and glossy, shiny hair. No wonder it's easy to fall into a gloomy mood about getting older when we look in the mirror and see the opposite in our reflections. Rewrite the dialog into a gentler, kinder voice. Be good to the person you are right now and let go of the past. Stay present.

Maintain a healthy weight and eat right. Try new recipes, ones loaded with veggies. They fill you up to keep you from eating junk food.  I used to be a night time eater and loved snacking my way through an evening TV show. I would wake up feeling stuffed and sluggish from the night before. I’ve learned to put a limit on night time eating. Food is off limits after 6:30 PM. It makes such a difference! I sleep better and wake up hungry, ready for a healthy breakfast.

Be active. Stand up tall and move! Clean the house, garden, ride your bike, hike a trail, swim or join a fitness class. Challenge yourself to try new yoga moves or take up hula hooping. Stop paying attention to the parts of your body you don’t like and only focus on the things that you love about your body. Remember to be kind to yourself.

Choose your friends wisely. Hang out with people who bring you joy, both young and old. People who lift you up emotionally and respect you.

Keep your mind healthy by learning new things like computer skills, hobbies, painting, a new language. I want to learn French, parlez-vous Français?

We look to our pets for companionship, but if you pay close attention they can teach us lessons about staying present and living in the moment. Do you ever notice how they don’t sweat the small stuff? They just go off and take a nap instead? Good advice from a pet, don’t you think? Which reminds me meditation is another great way to get in touch with the present moment.

Here’s the secret to a good life in a nutshell…Don’t worry be happy, be grateful and most of all say thank you for every little thing and see how much better you feel almost instantly!

Hope this helps! xo


Quote by Meister Eckhart

Quote by Meister Eckhart