New Flower Painting Series

Beginning a new series is both challenging and exciting. The fear of the unknown and a stack of blank canvases staring back at me always is a little intimidating. Those fears of uncertainty never really goes away. Thoughts like, "How can I create something meaningful and fabulous?" "Does it really matter?" "Will anyone else find meaning in what I do?" "Does it really matter? Yes, does it really matter.?"

You just have quiet those thoughts, stay present, get in there and do the work.

One that always works to get me motivated is a deadline. I have done some of my best work this way. It forces me to buckle down, stop dreaming, and planning and get the work done. At least 10-14 paintings must be ready to go by November 2, 2017 for the Arts Alliance Exhibition.

The first is to work in a series and give it a name. The following are a few ofmy favorite flower photos taken mostly from my garden.

its all the beautiful shades of colors that keep drawing me back to the subject of flowers. Think of all the possibilities when you are surrounded by gorgeous fragrant flowers. So many juicy shades of pink, red, orange, yellow and white. 

I'm going to name this series, Bloom Where You Are Planted for the time being . It may change if I find a more meaningful one.

All there is to say is Thank you!