Sewing Machine Art

Recently I created a whole series of artwork based around the subject of sewing accessories. The inspiration for this collection is from a Make Art That Sells assignment to design storage containers and trays for sewing items. This got me looking at all the old machines I've inherited over the years. So I painted them. You can purchase prints in the shop section


When my mom was a little girl she was given this cute little child's sized sewing machine. I even still have it sitting up on a shelf. It makes me smile every time I see it. It really works and she used to sew her own doll clothes.⠀


Number two of the inherited collection is a treadle machine that you use your feet to power it instead of electricity. When I was around 5 years old I learned how to sew on a treadle just like this one. We lived in Madagascar at the time. Electricity was a luxury we did not have. If you wanted sew this was your only option. ⠀


So now I can't stop painting sewing machines! After learning how to sew at a young age, I grew up sewing all my own clothes. I loved going to the fabric store and picking out pretty colors and patterns. I would spend hours at the machine stitching up fabric, ripping out seams then stitching them back up again. It was so satisfying to be able to create a whole new outfit to wear to school the next day. ⠀
These days I'm too busy being an artist to do much sewing. Although we still have 3 different machines, that have been in the family, passed down through the generations. This one is one of them, a 1950s electric Singer machine.


Here's a vintage sewing collection of artwork. I love the look of the packaging. My favorite is the Diamond Sharps sewing needles not counting the American Girl toy machine circa 1940ish. Which one is yours?⠀


If you like the look of vintage, here's a sewing tray I designed for you, featuring a treadle machine artwork and dress patterns in the background.


Final layout for the Make Art That Sells assignment. There are sewing storage containers which includes a sewing theme tray and scissors and accessories holder.