Art of Living - Trip to the Wallowas

Map to the Wallowas

Recently the two of us practiced the art of living by taking a little weekend road trip up the Columbia Gorge, past windmill farms and river vistas, all the way to northeastern Oregon and the Wallowa Mountains.

Golden hour in the Wallowas

After half a day's journey, at the golden hour right before sunset, we spotted the most beautiful snow capped mountain range. Then we set up our tent between them and Wallowa Lake.

I want those boots.

That evening we walked to the corner store where this poster was hanging in a window...I want these cowboy boots :)

Roughing it.

Roughing it back at our campsite. Love my Senseo coffee maker so much, can you tell? Makes a lovely frothy top cup of coffee every morning.

Joe's "mini me" walks through the woods. Hope his doesn't get stepped on!

We drank from an icy mountain river

Along the trail we drank from an icy cold mountain stream.

Wallowa lake from tram

Tram ride up a steep mountain. Wallowa Lake below.

Me on a mountain top more beautiful than you can imagine

Unbelievable view at the top of the world. Wallowa Lake below again.

Joe + me on top of the world

Me and my guy hanging out on a mountain top. That's Hell's Canyon, the Snake River and Idaho down there somewhere.

Inside Imnaha General Store

Then we followed the road until it came to an end in Imnaha, population 12. Best known for it's Annual Rattle Snake and Bear Feast Festival.


That's me standing on the edge of Hell's Canyon. Somewhere out of sight, a mile below, flows the mighty Snake River. A perfect place to practice my super hero pose on the edge of the world. The end.

Where are you going this summer? Let me know in the comment section below.