Friday Five iPhotos

From my iPhone app, Instagram...5 picks from last week:


Wine sampling in Oregon Wine Country. My artist's critique group met last week in the studio of one of our members, Lorrie Lewis, Panther Creek Studio, located in the cute little town of Carlton.


Photo from inside Lorrie's gallery.


Pattern and candlelight with fabulous must see artwork by Lorrie. Hurry though her pop up studio gallery is only open until June 2013.

Adjoining Panther Creek Studio is a gourmet French Restaurant called Cuvee.  The owner and awardwinning chef Henri is originally from France and if you go to his website he has a story to tell!


Cisco wants to be a house horse, but I don't think Zoey is interested in sharing her bed with that great big nose with the muddy feet!


Georgie looking small but happy running wild and free in the Christmas tree field.