In Appreciation of Local Fresh Cut Flowers

 Part 3 Cut Flower Garden

Continuing on with this summer's cut flower project, here is how we entertained ourselves with all the beautiful flowers that bloomed all season long from June through October.


But first you must see Reyo who kept his eye on those tasty sunflowers all summer. He got out of his pasture one day and went straight for the cut flower garden to munch on those sunflower "treats." 


We would wake up early most mornings to pick the best of the fresh blooms.


Each day was a new surprise, getting to see all the new (to us) varieties of blossoms and blooms bursting open for the first time. 


Erica made up flower bouquets, then put them in vases to fill up the roadside flowerstand.


The flowerstand became our way of sharing with others what we love. Maybe we brightened someone else's day just a little more when they stopped at the little stand for a flower bunch to enjoy at their work or home.


It's a very pretty sight to walk into the studio when it's full of fresh picked flowers. In fact it takes my breathe away for a split second....the beauty of it all.


Flowers, vases and paint brushes all hanging out together by the studio sink. 


The roadside flowerstand at the end of the drive. I drew up the plans and my handy Joe built it. So fond of the vintage windows we rummaged up somewhere.


Zinnias and yarrow make beautiful arrangements. If you would like to have your own cut flower garden in your back yard, here is the book that inspired Erica. It's called The 50 Mile Bouquet by Debra Prinzing. It's about buying and growing flowers that are sustainable plus local, within 50 miles of home. 


A bouquet for my kitchen table. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our cut flower summer garden. Finally, there is one more part to this we built the flowerstand, plus I want to show you the cool cut flower signs Dave and Erica made just special for the stand. In the meantime, have fun celebrating this Thanksgiving Holiday with the ones you love. Love, Blenda