Zippy Do

Zippy, my dear little friend and companion, who just turned 8 years old on February 1st, goes regularly to visit groomer Deb at Deb's Dapper Dogs.


This is how he looks all fluffy clean and freshly groomed.

His fun loving girlfriend, a golden retriever named Holly, lives there. She likes to give maximum attention to anyone that visits and personally greets you, with tail wagging, at the door. You just can't resist her happy go lucky attitude.


This is Holly


Zippy and Deb during a visit to the studioDeb also likes to make homemade dog biscuits from healthy ingredients that dogs go crazy for. They are sort of a doggy meatloaf type biscuit. This time when he came for his grooming Deb made treats for Zippy that were heart shaped, especially in celabration of Valentine's Day.