Finding Inspiration for the Coming New Year

Oh my goodness how time flies! Tonight we'll be ringing in the new year once again!

For nine years now we've be able to wear the cute eye glasses with the two Os in the middle, such as 2000 or 2009. Well, enjoy them while you can, because 2009 will be the last year to wear them. Sort of sad when you think about it and a very clever idea!

The busy Christmas season is over. Finally there is free time to think about art and being creative. For inspiration, I discovered a whole series of quality professional videos over at Etsy. One series is titled Handmade Portraits, produced by Tara, aka weirdwolf and profiles Etsy artisans and crafters from across the country.

My favorite video is the piece on Karolina Kubik, aka lepinkchocolat, a French crafter who creates French Patisserie inspired jewelry from polymer clay. I like the simple innocence of her work. Reminds me of childhood when I wanted all things pink, sweet and girlish. OK, so she has an irresistibly cool to listen to French accent, too! Here's her story: