"The First Step is the Dream"

"The First Step is the Dream"
24x18" Acrylic on Canvas
The background is much more impressive if this painting is viewed up close and personal. The subtle glow of metallic copper and gold paint is difficult for the camera to pick up. The painting has the look and feel of something vintage.
This piece, like so many other paintings, as it progressed seemed to take on a life it's own. Below you can see the different stages.

This is the first layer. It was OK, but I just didn't love it yet. The only thing I really liked was the dark wedge along the lower left edge. After layers of paint--

and flipping the painting so the wedge was on the upper right side, I was falling in love. Then little green boxes with red dots magically appeared. In the end sweet little birds on a wire won over. That brings us back to the top and the finished piece, which on 10/06/08 was purchased by a collector from Akron, Ohio. Muchas Gracias!