WSO Accepted Painting for Annual Fall Show!

20X28" Watercolor on Paper
This is a cropped version of the painting that got accepted into the 2008 WSO Fall Show. Internationally known artist, Linda Doll, was chosen by WSO (Watercolor Society of Oregon) to pick 80 paintings to display at the fall convention in Florence, OR. The competition is always stiff, including entries of over 300 paintings from some of the best watercolor artists in Oregon. See for yourself an example of how wonderful the paintings are that make it into these shows. I'm very honored to have been chosen again.
My article Artist Profile on page 8 of the "The Watermark" the WSO's very fine quarterly newsletter, was on artist Kathryn Damon Dawson, a lady whose story will delight and surprise you.
If you like my painting entry, but can't afford the original, prints are available in my Etsy Shop. So stop by and order one today. You'll be glad you did!