Help Me Decide

"An Abstract"
30X24" Acrylic/Canvas
Finished this one yesterday. I say finished because it felt like good place to stop. If it stays in my studio for long I'm sure it will take on a whole look over time or....maybe not. It was painted mostly with acrylic, but also has charcoal detailing, used for making lines and circles.
Would you, my dear reader, help me out here? Which way do you like it? Can't decide. Mr T is totally fascinated with this painting when it is shown landscape or horizontal. He thinks it looks like faraway alien lands. On the hand, I find the piece to be much more appealing in the portrait vertical direction below. Would like to know what your thoughts are....
Update 03-17-09 Purchased by a collector from the Bronx. (She sided with Hunky Joe and is hanging it landscape.)