The Plasticity of Happiness

Kassandra Kiss keeps a blog titled "The Plasticity of Happiness." This is one blog, if you appreciate art and have a fondness for all things Etsy, I highly recommend following. Kassandra states, "This blog will be a demonstration of the plasticity of happiness. A place where I can wax ecstatic about the things in this world that delight and entertain me; and hopefully you too."
Once a week she highlights a different work of art on Etsy, a song, a famous artist and a surprise. This week, to my pleasant surprise, she picked one of paintings, "All Life is an Experiment" as the featured piece. See earlier posting.

In other happening from the studio, wanted to share with you a recent commission. This one is for a wonderful collector living in Maryland.

In my studio working on the recent commission of the "Tree of Life".

Adding finishing touches.