Today's Painting - An Abstract

24X30" Acrylic/Canvas
Greetings dear readers! Can you believe it's TGIF already again? Hope you have big plans for the weekend. Although rural living is so very lovely, it usually means staying close to home doing yard work and fix-it jobs most weekends. I'm not complaining, just saying that's what we will be doing. What about you? How do you spend yours? Leave me a comment below.
The above abstract painting is titled "Argosy" meaning a rich supply or a large ship. Sometimes the word of the day is way off the mark but this one seems to fit the look and feel of the piece. The orange/brown color is actually gold and copper metallic paint. The photo flattens the color and just doesn't capture its "rich" beauty. Additional photos and info are in my Shop where it's available right now for purchase.
Enjoy your weekend!
Update 04/01/09 Purchase by a collector from NY.