Dog Days of Summer

Zippy in the studio
Here in Oregon the "dog days of summer" are yet to come. Seems like August is always our driest sort of dog dayish weather. So far July has been fine and not too smotheringly hot.
Speaking of dogs, I wanted to show you how handsome Zippy looks wearing his little flag bandanna gift that he received from a friend at the last open studio. He is panting so hard from just chasing a squirrel around the yard. Now he's sort of bummed because all he can do is sit and stare out the window at it while the little furry creature enticingly munches away on mulberries from the tree right outside the studio.
In other news, Sara Harley, the author of the "Paws for Charity" book posted my profile in her blog. Hoorah!
I've listed brand new prints in my shop and have been strongly thinking about having another free print giveaway contest. The last one was so much fun. So stay tuned for that.
Hope you are enjoying your summer, see you soon..