Open a Banana Like a Monkey

My brother with Mockey

Bike riding

When I spotted a video on You Tube titled, "Open a Banana Like a Monkey" I couldn't resist watching it! The first thought that came to mind was of our monkey like pet "Mockey" a ringed tailed lemur.

As a young girl living on the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, our family had a pet lemur that lived in the big tree right outside our front door. I remember the first time I offered him a banana. He eagerly grabbed it with his sweet little human like hands and squeezed it mightily hard until the insides blew out through the peel. What an icky mess! But Mockey didn't seemed to mind. He ate the banana anyway. From that point on whenever we gave him a banana, we always peeled it for him first. Of course we were peeling it like a human back then. Mockey didn't know about this new monkey technique (shown in the video) and neither did we.

So what about you? How do you peel a banana? This video shows an easy way to do it that I've never been aware of until now.