New Fresh Art

"Orange Sky Delight"
10x10x1.5" Acrylic/Canvas
Ok, I know I've been slow about posting new art but it's just too easy to get sidetracked this time of year during the last days of summer when living is easy. The weather is mild, flowers are blooming, fruits and vegetables are ripening all at once, just begging to be picked. This is hanging out with old friends sort of weather. So many good distractions. Labor Day, the official end of summer holiday for kids heading back to school, is right around the corner. After that it's back to the routine again.
Anyways, about this little landscape. The concept is simple, intriguing shapes and expressive use of color, ignoring true color as much possible. Not an easy thing to do. I learn something new every time. For further information on this painting and to make a purchase head on over to my Shop.
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