Latest Happenings

Our critique group once again has the privilege of exhibiting paintings in the Multnomah Justice Center display window on SW 3rd & Madison in downtown Portland Oregon, until October 25th. This time forgot the camera so didn't get any recent in the window shots but here is the post on our last showing there. The following is one of two paintings on display. The other one is in this blog from weeks earlier.

"Simple Pleasure"
Acrylic/Mixed Media 20x24"

Twice a year in April and October the Watercolor Society of Oregon holds a convention somewhere in Oregon. This fall it will be held in McMinnville right in the heart of vineyard country and the home of the Spruce Goose.
With over 200 artists competing for prizes, it's not always easy to be accepted into the show held in conjunction with the convention. What a most pleasant surprise to learn mine is to be one of 80 paintings picked! Below is the piece that got in. Hoorah!

This piece is part of the same series as the one right above. Can you see the influences? I used basically the same composition but a different medium and color scheme. Artists often work in a series of paintings in order to thoroughly explore all the different ways of creating an even more expressive work of art.