DIY Gift Shop Makeover

The gift shop makeover is in full swing. Now the walls are mostly white and key pieces  have also been given a fresh coat of paint. The whole space was to be a neutral palette of whites, beiges, and creams. It must not be in me to create with all neutral  tones because before the paint was even dry I was laying out vintage wallpaper sample pages, pulled from an old 1940's sample book, spreading them all over the living room floor. So now, today the ceiling is partially covered in rectangles of multi patterned and multi colored vintage wallpaper. Somewhat busy, I must say! Hummmm! We will see how this one turns out! To keep me on track and to share with you my plan, I took a few moments today to put together the following inspiration board.

Magazine pages are from Better Homes and Gardens and Cloth Paper Sissors Gifts.



 This thrift store buffet has now been painted white to match the walls as well as the green wall trim and picture frame.



Another view of a corner wall before green trim was painted all white. Horizontal wall boards were salvaged from an building.


Showing the old ceiling

 Ceiling project shows the before with gold tissue paper (soon to be covered with wallpaper) used to decorate the center of the old ceiling.



Vintage wallpaper spread out on my living room ready to hang on the gift shop ceiling.

Really do hope the ceiling project turns out nicely because this is the very same wallpaper that came out of an old sample book that my mother used as a youngster for her photo album. Just wait until she sees what happened to it! The book was heading to the landfill and now it's pages will be given a new life!

I'll post another makeover update early next week when, if all goes well the project should be all put together.

What do you think about the wallpaper ceiling idea? Do you think it will work?

On Tuesday I'll be posting a few new paintings.