How to Roll a Painting Canvas

This painting titled "Red Birds" just sold to a collector in Australia. Normally I ship canvases as is, stretched and ready to hang. The problem is this one measures 30X40" and there is 36" size limit when shipping USPS Express Mail. To stay within the size restriction and also to minimize damage it was decided the best way to ship the painting was to send it rolled. That way when the painting arrives, the new owner will have her framer restretch and frame it. She has promised me a photo after it is hanging on her wall, so I'll keep you posted.

After doing a quick Google search to see what information was available on shipping rolled canvases, I found a tidbit on an artists' website called Wet Canvas.  An artist there suggested using PVC pipe as a shipping tube. It seemed like a great solution plus l like the idea that PVC is rigid and would protect the canvas from almost anything.

In case you are curious, here is a quick and easy step by step on how to ship a rolled canvas painting.

How to roll a canvas painting