Officially Summertime


These photos were taken through the windshield of my car and I must say they capture the whole look and feel of the type of weather we've been having all spring---drippy and wet.


Thankfully one of the benefits of an over abundance of rainfall is  lush greenness surrounding us at every turn.
But too many dark days when it should be sunny and bright can be hard on the soul. Now that summer has officially arrived I'm looking forward to more sunny days and less gloom and gray skies. And this weekend is shaping up just nicely.



These are volunteer flowers that sprung up from last year's plantings in my garden. I didn't have the courage to dig them up to plant potatoes in their spot as originally planned.


The Chronicle Invitational Show
If you are living in the Portland OR part of the US the sun is out  and it's a great weekend for checking one of our region's finest exhibitions of art at the Lake Oswego Art Festival June 25, 26, and 27. And I would be more than thrilled if you stopped by to see my painting for the Chronicle Invitational Show  hanging inside the Lakewood Center.
Enjoy your weekend!