St Thomas Rescue Dog



Meet Zippy dog's friend, Maddie. He has a big crush on her and I don't blame him. Maddie is beautiful. She was born on the island of St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. One morning my friend Marilyn's co worker was disposing her garbage when she saw out of the corner of her eye an island man stuffing something furry into a bag. He was about to toss the bag into the sea when the co worker intervened. She brought the shivering pup home to Marilyn who immediately fell in love with the little sweetness and named her Maddie. That was four years ago. Since then Marilyn has moved back home to Oregon and brought Maddie with her.
When Maddie comes over to visit, Zippy is beside himself with joy. Maddie likes to give Zippy tender little licks on his nose.

Playing dog games


Just look at Zippy's exuberance over Maddie!