Inspiration From the Harbor

Along the harbor edge.
Hunky Joe and I took a little road trip to attended his high school class reunion earlier this August. He graduated from Marshfield High School in an old harbor town along the coast. The reunion took place in a banquet room inside a gambling casino, so plenty to see and do while getting reacquainted with old classmates .
The next day we walked along the dock admiring a few ancient boats with weathered paint and rusted hulls that were part of a boardwalk display. I was in search of textures and shapes to use as inspiration for abstract paintings and background patterns. Just take a look at what we found!
Rusted metal
Just look at this color combination!
I like the look of this texture
Words carved into the base of a wooden statue along the harbor.
More interesting shapes and colors for inspiration.
 Can you imagine how cool these textures and shapes might look in a painting? Below is a piece I'm working on right now. It's got a ways to go before it will be finished. How do I know when it's finished? That's a good question. It sort of comes with experience to know when a painting is done. I just keep working on a piece until I like the way it looks, that's all.
Work in progress, (unfinished). Soon to be available in my Shop