In Search of Inspiration


In need of creative inspiration, my friends and I went on a little adventure the other day. We discovered a place down a gravel driveway in an old barn in the middle of a field, called The Land of Tarte. The barn was chocked full of unique and different vintage finds all displayed in the most intriguing way.  The creator of this lovely inspiration, Cindy, gave me permission to snap a few photos to share with you.  She writes about her latest adventures in her blog, Queen of Tarte.


Outside the entrance to The Land of Tarte.

A friendly greeting from behind the front counter
A variety of vintage lights hang from a birch bark pole in the barn rafters

Everything is neutral and white with accent splashes and dashes of color. Very cool.
Vintage shoes inside a display cabinet.
Everywhere you look there are little display groupings telling a story.