Cute Little Hummingbird Nest

Right outside the studio office window, tucked inside a rose bush on thorny branches, is the sweetest, tiniest, perfectest little nest built by a pair of hummingbirds.

Hummingbird egg in a nest

Soon after the nest was built we had a major rain storm that washed away the sides of the nest. The mom laid the first egg anyway, but kept working on it. By the time the second egg was laid you can see how the sides have been built up and patched with lichen and moss.

When Erica took this photo, she noticed spider webs around the nest and attached to the branches. After a little research she discovered that this is how hummingbirds build their nests. They gather spider webs to use as glue! How creative is that?

If I look sideways out the window I can barely see the mother bird sitting on the nest. Otherwise when we are outside she always flies away when we get too close. I think she is hoping we will follow her instead of looking for her nest.

Two little humming bird babies just hatched in their nest

This is was taken today, 2 weeks after the first egg was laid. Notice the baby long pointy beaks.

Can't wait to see how fluffy and cute the babies will be soon.... I'll keep you posted.

Pretty peach rose on the humming bird nesting bush

Pretty peach rose on the humming bird nesting bush

This is one of the pretty roses growing on the bush with the nest in it's branches.

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