Art Blog Hop

My artist friend Miriam Schulman writes a fun informative art blog about creative living. She also runs an Etsy Shop stocked full of her beautiful artwork. Recently Miriam asked me to participate in an Art Blog Hop. This is how it works....we answer three questions about our art and then continue the "hop" by linking to three other artists who do the same. It's a great way to meet and learn more about other artists and their work.

Here are my answers to the three Blog Hop questions:

1.  How does my creating process work?

I paint mostly in my studio where there are plenty of easels and a big table to work on, but my favorite way to paint is with the canvas on the floor and all my paints spread out around me, just like when I was a little kid with my paper, crayons and scissors. Each time I start a new piece I try to remember that pure joy of creating.  Back to a time before I learned all the rules on how to be a better painter. Do you know what I mean? Trying to keep it simple is often the real challenge.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

There is a quote in my studio right next to where I paint. It says "All life is an experiment." When I see these simple words it reminds me to not be afraid to be different. I try new ways of letting my creativity show. So what if I don't succeed this time. Do it again and again until I truly love it and am happy with the results.  If I stay true to myself, it's amazing how others will respond in a positive way.

Works in Progress Collage of Abstract Paintings

Works in Progress Collage of Abstract Paintings

3. What am I working on?

There is a new series of paintings brewing in the studio called "All I want is for you to be happy" In this series I'll be exploring what it means to "be happy" What is true happiness? Is it too much to ask someone to just be happy? Can you be truly happy if you've never experienced sadness, pain or suffering?

In the above photo you can see a collage of five different paintings that I'm currently working on in this series.

Now have a look at these three talented artists, each with their own unique painting styles. Please take a moment to visit their blogs and you can see for yourself what I'm talking about:

1. Jenny Lee Wentworth - I started following Jenny on Instagram and fell in love with her intuitive portraits, which you can purchase through her Etsy Shop. Don't forget to also check out her upcoming workshop, "A Painted Journal"

2. Linda Rothchild-Ollis - Writes a blog called Painting Everyday Moments. Besides being an award winning artist and very active in the art community, she is one of the nicest people I know. Linda also teaches artists how to use Photoshop to their artistic advantage.

3. Ruth Armitage - In addition to being a gifted award winning artist, Ruth regularly teaches painting workshops. Lately she has been working on a series of abstract paintings titled "Down on the Farm" inspired by her family farm where she grew up. I am so lucky to have Ruth as a neighbor and a good friend, which means we get to check out each others studios from time to time.

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