Daily Sketchbook

Over on Instagram I'm involved in a hashtag project called #the100dayproject started earlier this year by this Instagramer. Each individual makes up their own area of concentration such as thankfulness, art, recipes, knitting project, you name it. The only requirement is to do your practice every day for 100 days. My project is pretty simple, just do art, pick up the brush or pencil and put it to paper or canvas everyday rain or shine, good days or bad days. Today I'm on day 31.

I invite you to pick a project and come join me. You can start anytime. Post your work on Instagram with the hashtag #the100dayproject so we can follow along.

Here are a few sketches, inspired by a flower garden, from my sketchbook. Some sketches are part of the 100 day project.

Now it's your turn...help me decide which sketches are just begging to be made into paintings? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave me a comment below.

Have a wonderful, safe Labor Day Weekend and don't forget to stop long enough to smell the roses and look at the beauty that is all around us! xoblenda