Why Painting Is What I Do

I know I really should hire someone to make a professional video for me, but it's just too much fun to try and figure out how all the pieces fit together during the making of a video. I researched the process and after more hours than I would like to count, here is the end result..click on image to play:

This is a short one minute introduction about why painting the thing like to do most. Also, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and click the Subscribe Button

If you would rather read it, here's a brief transcript:
"Hi, my name is Blenda Tyvoll, an artist living in the Pacific Northwest, right outside of Portland Oregon.
I would describe my style as playful, nurturing, colorful and organic.
I am passionate about painting because it's the best way I know to express the beautiful colors, textures and patterns that are seen in nature.
I love it when people comment and tell me that my art speaks to them in some way. That's what art is all about...it's making that connection with another person.
You know...just that little zen moment of happiness when you hear how it makes someone else feel."

Enjoy your weekend! Let's stay in touch! And tell me what you think about my attempt at directing, filming, producing and starring on YouTube. Haha! It's far from perfect, but it's a start. If you would have known me in my earlier life, you'd realize what a huge accomplishment this is! I was so super shy and insanely frightened to stand in front of a camera let alone utter words from my mouth.

Also, are you interested in seeing more videos? Maybe how to's like how to paint a tree or online marketing tips or? Leave your thoughts in the comments below:

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