Why Painting Nest Art Makes Perfect Sense

A Personal Story About Loss and Renewal

Last year, as Spring was turning to Summer, I lost my beautiful old horse, Reyo. Then later in the year, right before the first Autumn frost, his best buddy and my pretty boy, Cisco also passed away. My beloved horses---all are gone now. They had been such a big part of my life, since the day I got my first horse at the age of 13. Cisco and Reyo had been part of our family for over 27 years. And before that I had owned both their mothers. In fact horses and I have had a long relationship of at least 48 years. So when the last two died, it left a great big whole in my heart and life had suddenly changed for me. No more getting up early to feed and brush them. No soft whinnies as I entered the barn. Now I don’t end up with muddy boots from mucking out the stalls everyday.

I miss stroking the soft delicate skin on their muzzles. I miss burying my nose in their silky manes to breathe in that special wonderful smell only a horse can have. Sometimes when I wake during the night I find myself still listening for the soft blowing sound they made through their nostrils as they grazed in the pasture right outside my open window. Now there is only the stillness of the night.

Cisco and me

Cisco and me

Soon after they were gone, I had been working on a big abstract piece when I picked up some drippy wet black paint and began making big circle shapes of thin lines round and round on the canvas. A nest appeared and then two blue eggs inside. “Hum, interesting, but where did this come from?” I thought. Then more nests appeared in my art until now I’ve painted four paintings.

nest painting

Here's Why Painting Nest Art Makes Such Perfect Sense

I didn’t give it much thought until lately when a collector asked, “Why the bird’s nests? This is a new subject for you.” I couldn’t really explain why.  But then this morning when I awoke it was like one of those "aha" moments. To me a bird’s nest symbolizes rebirth and renewal of life. Life goes on. There is the sadness of loss, but life renews it’s self. The round circle shape of the nest symbolizes the circle of life. 

In Spring time the earth is reborn. Fruit trees blossom and the grass turns from drab brown to vibrant green. Birds sing their morning song and are eager for a new day. Soon they will be gathering twigs and moss for a nest to raise their young. Life starts all over again.

These simple nest paintings represent letting go of the past and realizing all we really have is today and to live each day to the fullest. They stand for accepting changes as they occur and that we are all part of the unbroken circle of life.

Below you can see the latest paintings in the 2017 Spring Collection. Art can often send a powerful message. Maybe you will find a painting here that speaks to you in a positive and encouraging way. Click on the image for all the details: