10 Things That Make Me Happy

When was the last time you thought about all the things that truly make you happy? Or is your life controlled by the little voice inside your head. The little voice that tells you she is your friend and she is anything but? Do you ever wish you could tell that little voice to just shut up? I mean it can turn negative and ugly rather quickly. It tells you things like, "You can't be successful" "You aren't good enough" "You are too old" "What if that project you are working on flops and you are are a failure" "What if no one likes me?" and on and on.

A good way to quiet those negative vibes is to spend a little time dwelling on happy thoughts and to be thankful.

Here are 10 things that make me feel happy

In no particular order:

  1. Art - Painting, creating and designing new work is what I love. One of the benefits are all the amazing people I've met along the way.
  2. Flowers & Gardening - Growing up my mother opened my eyes to gardening. She has always had a garden full of flowering plants right outside her door.
  3. Pets Especially Dogs - Pets teach us so much about relationships and how to give unconditional love.
  4. My Husband - He is my best friend and biggest fan and I love him for that.
  5. Yoga and Fitness - Getting out for a morning walk, riding bikes, hula hooping and yoga bring me so much joy. It brings out the little kid in me.
  6. Healthy Eating - Eating good food gives fuel for plenty of energy.
  7. Running My Online Biz - Love always learning about how to use new apps and websites.
  8. Decorating My Home - DIY projects and a new coat of paint = happiness.
  9. Travel - Seeing new sites and places is such positive motivator. I always come home from a trip with a fresh new outlook on life.
  10. Family - Last but now least my children. They are the best.