Update on Animal ABC Series

The Animal ABC series began coming to life earlier this spring 2017. I wanted to do a fun project for the June Open Studios with idea of giving a percentage of the sales to the Humane Society. At the end of the weekend I was able to send the charity for $55 and I'm thankful for that. 

W is for Whale by Blenda Tyvoll
I is for insect by blenda tyvoll

I painted the animal, a letter, animal's name and designed a different patterned background on each 8X8 wood panel. You can view the whole collection right HERE.

Animal ABC Book illustrations by Blenda Tyvoll

When all 26 letters were finished, each one was scanned to capture a high resolution image to be used for print materials such as a book, wall art and more.

Speaking of the next project was to compile all the images into a hardcover (a softcover too) ABC picture book. That tack is finished. It's published and ready to ship! I'm very happy with the results. This little book is something you would be proud to give as a gift. For a limited time I'm offering signed editions right HERE.

The third phase of this project was to once again compile all the letters into a large square wall art canvas print. It's finished and ready for purchase. Check out the next blog post to see how it looks. You will be surprised!