5 Great Reasons to Hold an Open Studio Show

chaulkboard with flowersErica has a way with flowers that makes everything look specialWhat fun we all had during our recent Open Studio Show! A whole lot of preparing and planning goes into each event. The week before it's so easy to feel frustrated by all the details of organizing, painting and creating. I even worry a little about whether anyone will even bother to show up. In the end when the weekend is over and the last guest waves good bye, that's when I realize once again it's the people who view and appreciate our accomplishments that make an Open Studio worth all the effort!

open studio tourMe with visitors Gayle and Jodi + views of studio shop + landscape paintingHere is a quick little list of 5 great reasons why an open studio show is a good thing:

  1. A chance to decobweb the ceiling, dust upper shelves and clean out the debris from the studio closet.
  2. An excuse to decorate with fresh garden flowers, also to buy cookies for guests (ok for me too!).
  3. Setting a date to open your studio provides you with deadline incentive to create and stock up on new artwork.
  4. Meet new and interesting people, neighbors down the street you've never met plus passersby from out of town on vacation.
  5. Reacquainting with friends present and past.  My friends, the mayor of Oregon City and his wife even stopped by.

 Bottom line, thank you all for making our show a big huge success!

Can you think of any more great reasons? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

P.S. My friend Jodi, in the photo, is also an artist. You can view her art on her website.

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