A Couple of Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure

I've been busy making my very first painting lesson video in the studio and just finished editing the whole thing! What a big learning experience. Along with 2 other talented bestselling artists, Miriam Schulman and Jan Schmuckal, we will be offering an online Tree Tutorial Workshop beginning March 21, 2013. Click here to view all the details and to sign up.

So lately, in hopes of learning a few filming tricks, I've been watching a lot of You Tube videos. In the process i stumbled upon a few real gems. Thought you might want to see two of my favorite video finds. These are portrait videos and not lesson videos...something just for fun.

First, is the very lovely Behida Dolic, originally from Bosnia and now living in New York, who spends her days designing and making elegant stylish ladies hats. (If you don't see the videos click here to my blog.)

Sophie Blackall, also lives in New York is an illustrator who makes whimsical drawings of everyday people. In this video she shows us her inspirations for creating a very special people poster for the New York subway system.

I put together a "deleted scenes" short clip from my upcoming Tree Tutorial workshop video mentioned earlier and will post it here as soon as it's ready....next time, hopefully.