A Walk in the Woods

The crazy spring snow all melted away and finally left us with a few days of nice weather. Yesterday, because it felt so good to be outdoors, we went for a walk in our woods down by the creek.

It's been a month now since my Zippy is has been gone. It's still too painful to think about him for very long and not let my eyes swell up with tears....I miss his silky soft ears and big wet nose. Oh, how he would have loved our little walk--wagging around sniffing forest smells, wearing that big smile on his face with his tongue hanging out going ha ha ha ha.

a walk in the woods

 And so we carried on without him, trapped through the woods to the creek. We named wild animal tracks in the mud of the creek bank. The usual suspects, deer, racoon, beaver and nutria.

BC Creek

Then we played on a log that beavers gnawed down. It just happened to fall in the right place to make a bridge over the creek. Close enough to the water so that if you lay on your belly you can touch the cold rushing water with the tips of your fingers.

Crossing the Creek

All around us as we walked branches were on the verge of bursting with new leaves and blooms and things. Spring is in the air, but not quite there.

down by the creek

Some of us, more than others, practiced our tree hugging skills and did cart wheels in the grassy meadow on the way home.