A Walk in the Woods

Saturday was a rare and beautiful day full of plenty of sunshine and blue skies in contrast to our usual cold wet rainy spring weather.  To celebrate this perfect day Joe and I went exploring in the woods. Hidden away in the corner of our property is a giant cottonwood tree and our destination for our little outing. We had been reading up on record large trees and got curious about just how big our tree really was compared to this large black cottonwood of more than 26 feet in circumference.

 Zippy is as happy as he can be when he is out on the trail tramping through the woods and the mud along the creek.

Trilliums were in bloom nestled in amongst ferns and moss under big fir trees.

We crossed the creek on a mossy log that beavers gnawed down with their big yellow beaver teeth.

Look how huge this tree is! But you can't really judge it's size until you see someone standing beside it.

What a difference when Joe is standing right next to the tree! The official measurement is exactly 22 feet around.

Looking up at the canopy. You can see up towards the top where a branch has broken off. It was laying on the ground at the base of the tree and looked more like a large tree  than a branch.

"They are beautiful in their peace.

They are wise in their silence.

They will stand after we are dust.

They teach us, and we tend them.


-- Galeain ip - Altiem MacDunelmor