Daily Sketchbook

A few weeks ago I was the featured artist for The Documented Life Project where I posted an art journal tutorial for this lovely group. This experience reminded me of the benefits of the daily practices sketching. Plus, I'd been admiring the work of August Wren on Instagram and loved the idea that she painted daily sketches in her journal.

Here's the cool thing about painting in a sketchbook. It's not a real painting it's just a sketchbook so I can try new ways of mixing mediums and using different color combinations.  I'm going to try it for a month and see where it takes me. Setting a time limit is helpful. 30 minutes tops and then quit. No fussing over the details.

Here's a week's worth of pages to show you: 

They are friends... BFFs forever ♡ horses

Studious book worm type.

Swedish style dala horse.

A stylized version of the view outside my window. Dogwoods and deer in the trees.

Georgie says "Pleeeease! Enough with the art stuff .... Just let's go for a walk already!

Spring flower study from garden.

A Mother's Day bouquet.

Used watercolor, Copic and Gelly Roll markers, and Caran d'ache on this one.

Succulents are pretty cool, especially on a pink background using acrylic paint and Copic markers.


So there's a peek at my sketchbook. Daily practices can help balance your everyday life. I concentrate on enjoying the process by staying present and calming the stream of thoughts in my head. In addition to sketching my 30 minute practices are writing morning pages, yoga, walking, cleaning and meditating. Focusing on these little daily routines help me to be a more productive insightful painter.

Now it's your turn what are your daily practices?

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