Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A few weeks ago I attended a 4 day painting workshop at the breathtakingly beautiful Oregon coast in Newport. Five of us "girls" all stayed together at my artist friend, Ruth's beach house. 

Yaquina Bay Oregon

The back deck overlooks Yaquina Bay where you can spend hours watching the fog roll in or boats slowly cruise by.

Also, from the deck off in the distance is Yaquina Bay Bridge and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

During the day we attended a painting workshop of 25 artists under the direction of Gale Webb, an inspiring painter who creates fun loving mixed media art. I blogged about it here.

We created and painted all day and in the evenings we would unwind back at the beach house. Girlfriends spending time together... walking on the beach, cooking, eating, watching chick flicks about artists like "Big Eyes" and talking long into the much fun.

Then my daughter in law texted me this short silly little video, which I couldn't wait to share with my friends:

Caution: view at your own risk. Video may cause laughter.

She made the video with the Crazy Heliumbooth App. (Click here to view if you don't see above video.)

We couldn't wait to make our own silly videos all the while laughing so hard at our goofy selves. Ruth and I made this one together on the night we celebrated her birthday.

Me on left and Ruth on right side

Give this app a try, you are sure to get a case of the giggles! (Click here to view if you don't see above video).

Happy Birthday, selfie to Ruth left and me on the right.

Happy Birthday, selfie to Ruth left and me on the right.

Side Note: Ruth is not only a fun loving gal with a sense of humor she is also a very talented artist. Check out her beautiful paintings and read her blog to see for yourself.

Anyways, this helium video thing reminded me of another silly video. Remember the 80s and Cyndi Lauper? Yes, laughter is the best medicine so now it's your turn tell us what you do to have a good laugh with friends.