Easter Salutatutions & Springtime Thoughts

Along with Easter comes springtime, like it does every year. This morning early, I let Zippy outside and had to stop to take it all in. The fresh crisp dewy air, fragrant pear blossoms feathering the tree in white. Out in the pasture wild bunnies rumped chasing each other, happy to be alive. Birds tweedled their morning songs, but with more vigor than usual, eager no doubt that spring had arrived. What beauty all around me and to think that so often I am so wrapped up in my mindless thoughts of "got ta do this" and "why did I make a fool of myself and say that" kind of thinking instead of living RIGHT NOW, in the the PRESENT where true happiness is. Happy Springtime! Don't forget (like I almost did) to stop to breathe it all in--all of nature's beauty! All My Best, Blenda