Hurricane Sandy 100% for Charity 2 Signed Print Listings

My heart goes out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy and want to do what I can to give them love and a hug and support. We've all seen pictures the unbelievable devastation. Together we can make a difference.

I am listing 2 different signed prints on Ebay "Sunshine" and "Twilight" for you to choose from for purchase with 100% going to charity. Let's bring a little sunshine into the lives of those that need it most.

"Sunshine" Tree Signed Print 100% for Charity on Ebay

You can feel confident your donation is actually going to the real charity because on Ebay there is a special program called Ebay Giving Works  for charity listings. There are so many wonderful organizations it was difficult to choose. So you have two choices, the "Sunshine" print proceeds go to the  Salvation Army . They are a hard working salt of the earth sort of charity that deserves our support. And the listing below for "Twilight" goes 100% for the American Red Cross.

 Twlight Tree Signed Print 100% for Charity on Ebay.

Update 01/01/2013

These two listings have ended. Thanks everyone who purchased a print. You helped raise $160! Very cool!