In the Studio

Last week while in the studio doing a little photo shoot of some of my latest paintings, J. Quincy, our new kitten since January, really got into the act of "helping" me out....having just a little too much fun! And I've got the photos to show you!

art painting robin Blenda Studio

This is the finished photo that I was shooting for, to be used in a listing in my shop. But here's what went on behind the scenes:

J Quincy in the studio

 Quincy thought it was nothing more than a big game we were playing and at the first opportunity took a flying leap in front of the camera.

You can see him in this photo right behind the terrarium planning his next move.

Robin Mixed Media

Since that last little setup didn't work out I decided to try a different spot to prop the artwork on but look what happen again!

J. Quincy wants to have his photo taken.

It's the amazing Quincy kitty! Good thing I'm a patient gal and have a thing for furry pets!

Siamese cat in chair

J. Quincy poses...he just wanted a picture taken that's all!

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Who could possibly resist a sweet innocent face like this!

Update the original painting is sold but prints are available in my shop