Inspiration for Edgar Allan Poe Tree Original Painting

The roots of inspiration for my "Edgar A Poe Tree" painting with the tangerine tango background, all began when I first laid eyes on a very old worn out vintage leather bond book of Edgar Allan Poe poems. On the cover was an awesome tree etched into the leather. 

From top left to right clockwise:

  • Design palette "Pigment" from Design Seeds
  • Old leather bond Poe book found on a bookshelf via Dusty
  • Design palette "Color Peel" from Design Seeds
  • Lovely tree shape on the way to the vet's office photo by me

Edgar A Poe Tree

22X28" Acrylic/Canvas by Blenda

The words hanging from the branches read "Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?"

To see more things that inspired this painting, see my Poe board on Pinterest.