Friday Five iPhotos

Starting a new series...I've been having so much fun with my iphone app, Instagram. Most likely driving my family nuts....just can't leave my camera turned off for more than 5 miuntes. Anyways, thought you might like it if I showed you my five top picks of favorite Instagram images taken throughout each week:


I almost stepped on this sweet little water dog the other day walking in the woods. Picked him up to get him off the path and set him back down with his nose pointed in the direction of the creek.


Georgiewalking in the woods where we found the salamander earlier.


Good morning! Georgie and Quincy waiting on the bed for me to hurry up and get downstairs for breakfast.


Caution do not try this at home on your own or you'll end up with this! My attempt at using my iphone to try  for a self portrait photo with two silly wiggly adolescent pets.


Finally a detail of a cold wax painting in process. This painting is inspired by a fun online class I just finished with artist Judy Wise. Will blog more about the class later.

Here is the whole collection of Instagram photos. Enjoy! and have a great weekend! We're spending it planting 200 tree seedlings....what about you?